Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I went through some old pictures tonight...

I've shared some of these before, but am sharing them again because of one reason or another.

Possibly one of my favorite photos ever.

This photo represents so much and is a photo that makes me want to fall to my knees and thank God for the gift of my son, of his birth family, and the blessing of our adoption.


My first Mother's Day ever!

I waited 26 years to be able to celebrate a Mother's Day.

I won't forget that day ever.

My grandparents...both in heaven. I never realized how much my dad looks like his father!

Another one of my favorite pictures! And also a moment that I will not forget. I remember snapping this picture. I remember how much he loved the beach on this trip and how much I loved watching him love it!

And yes, Tate had a couple pairs of tights. They were BOY tights...specifically made for BOYS...really. Sean hated them and hated when I put them on Tate. I put them on him under his pants when it was really cold in the winter. Loved them. They were CUTE and kept him warm. :)

And more than one person has told me that Tate looks like Colt McCoy. Do we still think this??? I think it's the nose.

The weekend after Easter, my dad is being honored along with several other Iowa Nurses for being one of the top 100 nurses in the state of Iowa. In my eyes, he's much more than that.

Love him.

Love this picture of him in Haiti shortly after the earthquake.

Love that he's my dad...

It's so fun going through old pictures!

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Candi said...

Those are some great pics and certainly tell a story.... life is full of ups & downs and everything in between... Love the pic of Larry's folks.