Wednesday, April 06, 2011

friendship and Crazy Love

This friendship...special.

I've known Lora for close to 20 years.

I just realized that tonight. It may be more like 18 or 19 years...not really sure, but we'll just say close to 20 years because, well, 18 or 19 years IS close to 20 years right?! :)

It makes me feel kinda old...especially because we just spent a week feeling like a couple of kids.

All evidence of this trip to Florida seems to be peeling away...literally. I'm like a snake shedding my skin. It's gross. My blisters all opened and peeled today. Icky.

Aside from all that, I took MUCH away from this trip. Much much more than I ever thought I would take away. I mean, only Lora can really understand what I mean by that.

Together, after reading our mindless fiction novels (Something Borrowed, Something Blue...I highly recommend these books...LOVE THEM), we picked up this book...

I know that I may be the last person who has read this ever popular book, but I've been waiting for the right time. This last week was the right time, with the right person to discuss it with, cry over it with. And that I did...I cried and felt more convicted than ever in my life. I have much change to make in my life, my faith, my walk with God. I am working. And the work will never stop until my life here on earth is done.

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