Monday, April 18, 2011

Big news!

I ran a mile outside without stopping! Yup, I did! And so now it counts!!! The down side? Now that I know I can do it, every day when I go out to run, I'm not going to be able to NOT run at least a mile because I'll feel like I've slacked. I know that many of you may think it's so crazy that I think this is a big deal, but really if you know me, you KNOW this IS a big deal! :) Ha. Oh, and to celebrate my victory, I am totally signing up for a 5K this summer. Yup, I am! And I'm even going to try to run the whole thing without stopping...YIKES!

1 comment:

JamieLynne said...

Way to go Jennie. I have never been able to run a mile without stopping. Ever. So I totally get how much of a big deal it is! :)