Monday, March 07, 2011

meeting a coworker

One thing about being a stay at home mom that I don't like is my lack of coworkers that I can form relationships with and talk with during the day. Adult interaction is something I enjoy. I love staying at home with Tate, but in the past I have met so many great people at work. I have made long lasting friends who I still have friendships with at previous places of employment. I like having coworkers, I miss having coworkers. So today I met someone I feel like I've known for a long time. I have been reading her blog for YEARS. Turns out she lives in the same neighborhood as we do...I mean, like a few blocks away from us! AND, she has a son that's only 2 months younger than Tate.

So Leslie and I met up at her home and chatted this afternoon while Tate and her son Eli played famously together! Turns out we have a couple of important things in common...we both love food and coffee. :) I mean, if those things aren't important, I don't know what is! She made a yummy lunch and we ate, drank coffee and chatted about kids, church, adoption, etc.. It was SO NICE to finally meet her! And Tate was so sad when we left. He has been asking when he can play with Eli again since the moment we left. :) I feel like I made friends with a coworker today! I do love the cyber world though because I feel like I already knew her and (for me at least), our time together was comfortable and easy...unlike how it can sometimes be when meeting a new person. I think we'll be having more "lunch breaks" together in the future!

And I totally considered bringing my camera in with me, but changed my mind and left it in the car at the last minute thinking Leslie may think I was weird. I mean, I'm always wanting to document everything photographically so I have photos for when I blog about things. However, I wasn't sure how I would say, "let's take a picture so when I blog about this, I can post a photo too!" Kind of a weird statement for someone you just met an hour ago right? Nope...I should have brought it in because I ended up telling her about my 'do I bring my camera in or not' debate. So I must of felt comfortable enough to not worry about looking like a total dork in front of her! Ha.

Thank you again, Leslie for having us over! I will definitely have my camera in hand the next time we get together! :-)


Cassie said...

i heart leslie!
glad you got together!! i KNEW she lived around there!! :)

Farm-Raised said...

Yay!! It was so fun to meet you in "real life", new friend!! We must do it again soon!!! So glad you're in the neighborhood! :-)

Linda Rode said...

I so love my "co-workers" too. I was only in Mississippi for two years, 10 years ago, but still in contact with two lovely young women. If it were not for the internet, I am sure we would have gone our separate ways thinking of each other once in a while, but with the internet we still keep in contact. Just as I can keep in contact with you, Jennie, through your blog.