Tuesday, March 08, 2011

colds, spring fever, photo shoots, 3 special steps and gardening...

(I know, talk about a random and looooong title. I'm not feeling creative enought today to think of anything else! Ha.)

I have a cold. It's been a while. I feel like I haven't been sick in forever and everyone else I know has come down with some sort sickness over the last month. I guess I was due. I don't have a fever or anything, just icky congestion. It's annoying. I am glad I'll be getting it out my system before I head to Florida though in 2 1/2 weeks! I want to feel good and be ready to relax and enjoy when I go to Florida and so I guess I'm kind of happy I've come down with this cold now. :)

On another note...Sean works today and then has the next 3 days off before working this weekend. I have some various things I'd like us to get done, so hope this cold doesn't get in the way of those things. And the weather (aside from some rain tonight and tomorrow) is supposed to be in the 40's the next few days and even up to 50 on Friday! I'll take it! I'm so sick of snow and bitter cold. This is that time of year where I am just over it. Late February until spring is rough...probably is for most midwesterners who aren't fans of winter.

I am thinking I may be doing a photo shoot of Tate on Friday...we shall see. It's looking like the weather is going to be perfect for it and I found a new location locally that I want to try out before using for regular paying clients! Plus, the shoot may have a bit of a St. Patrick's Day flare to it, so I'd like to get it done soon. :)

Have any of you watched the show on Disney called Special Agent Oso? Tate loves it and has recently been obsessed with everything having 3 special steps. It's kind of funny. He will say, "Mommy, there are 3 special steps to washing my hands. Step 1...turn on the water! Step 2...use only 1 pump of soap! Step 3...rinse my hands! Those are the 3 special steps!!!" He tells me the steps for all kinds of daily tasks. Ha.

I am so excited that I am going to have a small vegetable garden this year. I will have an herb garden too. I have always enjoyed being able to go out and snip my own fresh herbs when I needed them. I am going to plant some herbs this year that I've never planted before. Basil and cilantro have been my staples and I will add flat leaf parsley and chives this year. :) I hope to have tomatoes, onions, peppers and sugar snap peas. I talked it through a lot with Linda (my mother-in-law) this weekend and she helped me to kind of plan everything out. We'll see how it goes!

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