Friday, March 18, 2011

Let's do bullet points today...

*1 year ago today was my last day of work at Wells Fargo. I loved my job and coworkers there and miss my time there. However, I love staying at home with Tate more. ;)

*I just looked at the 10 day forecast for Venice, FL and got butterflies of excitement just seeing it! Around 80 degrees and SUNNY every single day! Hopefully that trend continues throughout the week Lora and I are there!

*I love my new Android Mesmerize almost completely. The only thing that I don't love is the fact the battery dies about twice as fast as my Blackberry battery used to die. Although, that may be because I'm constantly on it doing things.

*We have budgeted (you know me...the budget queen!) for a couple of fun purchases this weekend that we're excited about. I'll share what they are once they have been purchased. :)

*I miss my mom. I talk on the phone to her daily when she's home and she's been in Florida for almost 2 weeks and will be there until 2 days after Lora and I arrive there. I think I've only talked to her twice in 2 weeks...I miss our morning chats and her trips up to the QC to visit!

*We went to the zoo yesterday (for FREE) and this may sound crazy, but I could totally go back today. I won't, but I could!

*I made 82 cake pops for St. Patrick's Day and there are only 10 left. I haven't eaten a single one and Sean's only eaten maybe 4ish. Is it bad that I am itching to make more of them and look forward to the next event I can make them for?

*Sean loves his new job. I love that he loves his new job. I kinda love his new job least I have loved the hours so far! I think he may be switching to his nights rotation once I return from Florida...bummer. :(

*THANK YOU to DeCooks for letting us have your patio set! It's been so nice to have a place outside to sit. We've already eaten out there twice! :)

*Lora and I are having a "packing party" this weekend in preparation for our Florida trip! Only 8 days until we leave!!!!

*Sean is off this weekend and I am so excited to have a family weekend with he and Tate since I'll be gone from them the following 2 weekends.

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