Monday, March 21, 2011

hodge podge of stuff...

*A week or so ago, Sean and I got Androids and love them! I just got the Daily Bible App for my phone and I love it. I can search scripture on it, but what I love most is that I read God's Word FIRST THING every single day. It sends a scripture to your phone every morning that you can play aloud or just read. Everyone with that App gets the same scripture. It's just so crazy how the scripture that I have read each day just seemed like something I "needed" each day. Somehow each one has pertained to something on my heart and mind. I plug my phone in every night in our bedroom. First thing I do in the morning when I wake up is walk over and unplug my phone which lights up the screen and right there is my daily scripture to read. Simple as that.

*We tried a new church this weekend. It was a Lutheran Church. I've never attended a Lutheran Church before...not sure I've ever been to one in my life. We liked it. I enjoyed the message and Sean did as well. We attended the most contemperary service they have and though it was less contemperary than our church in West Des Moines was, still the music was great, the sermon was great, it had a casual feel and yet still had a traditional feel to it in some ways as well. I think we'll go again and keep trying it for a while. :)

*I mentioned a few days ago that we had budgeted for some fun, larger purchases this weekend. I posted about the Kinect below, but our other purchase was another laptop! I spend A TON of time on the computer editing pictures and doing photography stuff and all my photos take up so much space on the computer. Since I am going to be getting busier with photo sessions in a few weeks, it was time to get me my own laptop. We found one for a great deal and bought it! It's so nice that we don't have to fight over the computer now! :)

*Tomorrow is World Water Day. It will come with a challenge to you, my readers. :) I know I've written about water on my blog before, and this won't be the last time. It is something that needs to be heard.

*Today is cleaning day in our house! I am excited to crank the radio and get this done. Plus, it's gorgeous outside, so we may be breaking out the bubbles and sidewalk chalk this afternoon too!

*Did you know that yesterday was the 1st day of spring? It was! Spring is here!!! Spring is here!!!


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Candi said...

87 degrees today... I think spring is here for sure! ;-) I get The Purpose Driven Devotion every day too... I don't have it as easy as you as far as 1st thing in the AM but I think it SO often speaks directly to my heart as well. If I had your phone, I'd love that feature too I know. :) Happy Spring everyone.... sigh!!