Sunday, March 20, 2011


One of our purchases we had been wanting and finally made this weekend was an XBox Kinect.
Oh my goodness, we have been having so much fun with it!
Let's be honest here...I don't work out. I hate working out...not fun for me.
I really, truly was hoping (and had read so in many reviews) that the Kinect would give me a workout that is fun. My expectations have been exceeded!
Two words...
If I am not getting a work out dancing on it, I am getting a workout at the laughter of watching someone play is SO FUN and hilarious!!!
And talk about breaking Tate out of his shell!
Seriously, he loves playing it and hops right up and does the dances. It's the cutest, sweetest thing I've ever seen!!!
In addition to Tate, BOTH Sean and I are loving it. It works you out big time. Plus, I got "Your Shape" for Kinect and they customized a workout for me after I put in all my specifics and did the test to see my level and all that. Technology is soooo amazing! And my "personalized workout"...YIKES! It is something I have fun doing, but is HARD!
Honestly, I couldn't be happier with this purchase we made and I highly recommend it.
DeCooks came over tonight and played with us too.
Sooooo fun!

And these pictures do NO JUSTICE to Tate's dancing.
It was so cute and funny.
We have a video that I'm going to try and get on here.

It WAS Dance Central at our house this evening!

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