Sunday, March 13, 2011

Coffee, conversation and play time...

Lora and Ava visited today for most of the afternoon. Sean is working, so Tate and I were on our own today and we were both thrilled to have company! It's so nice having The DeCooks live 2 blocks from us! It makes getting together just so easy. :)
Lora and I drank a lot of coffee, chatted and ate lunch, then drank more coffee and chatted for a few more hours. :)
Tate and Ava played and played and played, ate lunch and then played and played and played some more!
Tate snuggling up to Ava. He loves her...she seems less than thrilled. Ha!
Tate and Ava play beautifully together and truly love each other so much!
It has been so fun watching their friendship develop and grow. They miss each other so much when they're not together. They really do have a special relationship!
Thanks for keeping us company for the day, Lora and Ava!

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