Friday, February 25, 2011

Short Peakin Family Update

I got to chat with Lora for a couple hours tonight while I did her hair. It was so nice to chat uninterupted about our upcoming trip to Florida in a few weeks! We are SO SO SO excited and talking about all that we are going to do just gets us MORE excited!
An update about Sean's job...
He loves it!
He loves who he's working with!
He's learning so much!
An update about the brushing method we're doing on Tate...
He is handling it well!
He knows that we are going to do it every 2-3 hours and let's us do it.
I walked in on him in his bedroom brushing himself today!
An update on our living situation...
We LOVE it in our home!
We still continue to love it more and more every day.
Really, moving into this home was a FANTASTIC decision!
So there's your Peakin Family update for the day.

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