Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a milestone

Tate's becoming such a big boy...
Something exciting will be happening this week.
We are visiting

and hopefully

registering Tate
I mean, wasn't he JUST born?
Oh my goodness, we are so proud of Tate and just know that preschool is just what he needs to grow and flourish! We know that this coming fall, when he starts preschool, he will be starting a whole new chapter in his life. We know he's going to be great. We pray he adjusts quickly and easily. Hopefully it will help that his very best friend, Ava will be in the same class as him! I believe that having that comfort of Ava being there with him will really help Tate with his adjustment.
So my baby will hopefully be registered for preschool in the fall before the week is over!

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