Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saying Goodbye...

Chris, Brenda and Bode are a huge part of our lives.

Shortly after I moved to Des Moines, Chris and I bought a duplex together.
Chris met Brenda the same week Sean and I met. Sean and Brenda both moved into the duplex with Chris and I about the same time and we all hung out quite a bit.
Chris and Brenda married only 4 1/2 months before Sean and I did.
When they had Bode, I watched him for 10 months of his life before Tate came along so that he didn't have to go to daycare.
Then, Tate came along and Chris and Brenda have always been there for us when we needed someone in a pinch.
Tate asks to go to Bode's on a daily basis and in the same breath says, "go see kwis and benda?!!"
He loves being with them...all he knows is having them in his life and seeing them on a regular basis.
On weekends when we're in town, you're sure to find Sean and I playing cribbage with them until the wee hours.
Things won't be the same with them no longer in Des Moines.
We wish them well and look forward to being able to see them in sunny Florida!
Today though, we are sad.
We love you guys and will miss you all so much!

Brenda is sort of a second mother to Tate. One night I was putting Tate to bed and I said, "I love you Tate." He replied with, "I wuv you Benda."
And he much...One last wrestle with Uncle Kwis...

Bode was tired when we went over to say goodbye, so he wasn't into hugging Tate goodbye, but Tate wasn't going to leave without a hug!


sarak said...

Made me cry....
Bye Guys!

Chris/Stew; Brenda said...

We love you guys!

Candi said...

Yup... I'm crying...