Sunday, March 29, 2009


We had a good day today. We did some things around the house, we ran some errands and went to Chris and Brenda's where they made a delicious roast and potato dinner for us and Tate and Bode hung out. Tate asks to "go see Bode" every single day at least once. He was so happy to go over and play with him. Bode had his "Grave Digger" car out and took Tate for a short ride. Tate didn't want to do it for long...he was a little nervous.

Then the boys rested in Chris and Brenda's bed and watched some of the Incredibles.

Tate never wants to leave Chris and Brenda's house...he loves spending time over there and playing with Bode. We will miss them so much when they move to Florida.

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