Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tyler and Leah turn 3!!!

We went to Cedar Rapids for the day to celebrate Tyler and Leah's 3rd birthday. It was a great party and we loved seeing the kids! Poor Leah woke up with a fever and it continued on throughout the day. Despite that, she was amazingly happy...what a trooper. :)

And Kayla was all smiles as usual!

Tate enjoyed the cake and the frosting. Can you guess what color frosting was on his piece?

Actually...unfortunately, Tate was not himself today. He was super clingy...I mean, he pretty much wouldn't get out of Sean's arms the entire day. The only times he did were to get into my arms or Nana's arms. He obviously wasn't feeling well. We ended up taking his temperature later on and it was only about 99.9, so nothing major, but obviously something wasn't right. We hope he perks up tomorrow.

Despite all of the activity going on in the "party room", this was Tate just after eating cake.

Needless to say, we left just after this picture was taken and he went down for a nap.

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Anonymous said...

After 2.5 hours in Urgent Care today we confirmed that Leah has another Urinary Tract Infection. Her temp hasn't been as bad today so hopefully the antibotics will make her better for day care tomorrow. Hope Tate is feeling better too!