Friday, January 23, 2009

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What is $20/month equal to?
What would you have to give up to save 12 lives this year. Literally you can save 12 lives!
$20 gives someone clean water for 20 years!
What does it give you monthly? What would you have to sacrifice?
Less than one time out to dinner or $5 from your grocery budget each week...that's 1 item!
Or, maybe instead of going out to a movie and buying candy and popcorn there each month, you could save a life.
How about teaming up with a friend?
Money is tight, trust me, I know.
Sometimes the grocery budget is so tight that sacrificing $5 really is hard to do.
Maybe sacrificing $10/month would be easier. That's only $2.50/week.

Really, to do this is to change your life. To open your eyes and heart, to be God's hands and feet.
We may not be able to wipe out the water crisis, but we MUST TRY!

Mother Teresa said, "God doesn't require us to succeed, he only requires that you try." We are required to TRY! If only everyone tried, we could IS possible!

Please remember that these are our brothers and sisters...these are children that you can save. We can save! We can save these lives for such a small sacrifice!

Please consider this.
Please be one of 300 Voices and give water for all seasons!

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