Thursday, June 12, 2008

TGI Almost the weekend! :-)

I can't wait for the weekend! My day off on Tuesday was a little tease for me and now I long for another day off! The flood waters keep rising's actually pretty terrible. Although, it is extremely bad in Cedar Rapids area. So sad! We are actually the fortunate ones.

Mom and Dad, Cassie, Paul and the kids are coming on Saturday. We look forward to hanging out with them. Sunday is Father's Day and Sean has to work. :( Boo. Tate and I plan to go meet him on his lunch and go out somewhere though. Then on Monday it's back to work. Boo again! Monday evening though, Brandon (Tate's birth father) is coming to visit and see Tate. We are really excited to get together for the evening. It's been since January that we've seen him!

Hopefully we'll have some fun pictures to document the weekend!

Nothing much else to report here.

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