Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tate/Child Supermodel

So I got Tate's pictures taken at Sears on Tuesday and when I was picking the ones out that I wanted to purchase, the manager came up and asked me if they could get one of the pictures (it's something HUGE, but I am not sure of the dimensions) to put up in the studio as a display shot. Of course, I was fine with that! Seriously, not to make his head any bigger than it already is (which is pretty big!), but the pictures are SO ADORABLE! Especially the one that the studio ordered! I am going to be so proud every time I go in there and see him on display! So needless to say, he was very cooperative and smiled huge for the usual. He loves getting his picture taken!


Mom said...

I'm anxious to see it!! He'll be ADORABLE no doubt! :-)

Anonymous said...

That is awesome that his picture will be displayed! He definitely is very photogenic! Love you guys!
Love, Kay