Sunday, May 17, 2015

Life according to my phone...

This is a new record for me as of late!  2 posts in 5 days?!?!  What?!!!  Unheard of!

So here is what has been going on according to my phone (and a couple other pics that aren't from my phone)...

Stopped in Williamsburg on my way to Des Moines a couple of weeks ago and they had 50% off all women's clearance that pretty much made my week!  I got shirts for 0.48!!!  Amazing!

While in Des Moines, I got to go to The Lion King with these beauties and their mama and grandma and my other sister in law, Sara and my mother in law.  I saw it years ago and it was JUST as wonderful the 2nd time!

Paleo is on full force for fact, I've stuck with Whole30 past my 30 days...and it didn't stop me from celebrating Cinco de Mayo with some yummy paleo Mexican food!

Mother's Day was wonderful.  I had a great day and even got some fun gifts...Sean surprised me with this beautiful scarf!

Then we got to celebrate my mom, the most amazing mom in the world in Muscatine with my whole family.  Fun fun!

I can't believe it's that time of the year, but our summer list is done and ready to have some items crossed off!

Don't even get me started on the disgustingness (it's a word, in my vocabulary at least) of my boys' bathroom.  It's appalling.  I can clean their sink and 2 days later it will look like this.  And don't get me started on their toilet and pee....everywhere.  Yuck!

Cason's last day of preschool was Thursday.  He has an amazing teacher that loves him and that he adores.

I made zoodles for the first time (zucchini noodles) and they were SO GOOD!  This awesome vegetable slicer is going to change our paleo lives!  Welcome to our world paleo "pasta", can't wait to add some recipes to the menu!

Another one of my Mother's Day gifts from Sean and the boys.  Have you heard of Boymom?  Cute stuff...and they have some Girlmom stuff too!  I got 2 shirts...this one, since my boys are soccer lovers and another that reads (My Boys - My (super) Heroes.  Love them!

The NKF Kidney walk was yesterday.  I helped plan the event and had a great time supporting an important cause.  It was wonderful to have family and friends come out and walk with Wesley's Warriors and also support us with donations.  Thank you means so much to us!

This week is the big boys' last full week of school...then they have Memorial Day off and go 2 1/2 more days after that.  THEN SUMMER!!!!  I am SORT OF ready.  We have a busy summer ahead and while I LOVE spending time with my boys and doing fun family things, it is also nice to have a few free hours a day while all 3 are at school. :)  Now that Cason is done with school, I have him full time again which is easing me into a new routine.  Can't wait for the warm weather to stay and for some pool time and vacations!

Bring on summer!

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