Monday, March 09, 2015

Cabbage Rolls Recipe

(These are not Paleo, but could be changed up to be paleo pretty easily)

I have never made cabbage rolls...or eaten them, but have wanted to for a loooong time.  And tonight I just made a super simple recipe, but they were super good!  Now that I've made them and my ENTIRE family LOVED devoured them, I will now know how to change them up and make them a bit more flavorful next time.  I think the next time I make them, I will use ground sausage for more flavor.  So here is my recipe that I created by mixing a few different cabbage roll recipes I found online. :)


1 head of cabbage (this made 14 rolls for me, so 14 large leaves...some I used 2 smaller leaves)
1 lb ground beef (or sausage)
1 egg
1/3 cup uncooked white rice (or brown)
1 jar marinara sauce
1/2 onion
garlic salt (I didn't measure...maybe a couple teaspoons?)
salt and pepper

Cook your rice and mix it with your ground beef/sausage, 1 beaten egg, 1/4 jar of marinara sauce, garlic salt, chopped fresh basil (you could use dry basil) and your onion.  Don't go to light on the seasoning, because I was pretty liberal with mine and worried it may be too salty, but it wasn't at all.  Boil some water and put your cabbage leaves in for about 3-4 minutes.  Take out and drain and pat them dry.  I cut out the tough rib on the end of the leaf so there was a V shaped cut out of the end.  Roll a spoonful of meat into the cabbage leaves...roll them so that  the ends are tucked in and no meat is showing.  Place them in a large saute pan and pour the remainder of the marinara sauce on top.  Put on medium-high heat until the sauce starts to boil and then turn down, cover and let simmer for about 35-40 min.  One of the recipes I saw said you could put cheese on top.  We didn't do that, but it would have been good, I bet. :)

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