Friday, April 04, 2014

Phi Phi is TWO!

(a belated birthday post for Sophia...I've had this drafted for almost a week and just got around to finishing it!)

Phi Phi turned 2 last week!  I can't believe it!
It seems like just yesterday that I walked into that delivery room and got to see her sweet face only moments old.  It seems like yesterday that I got to hold that sweet baby for the first time!
I love her and her sisters so much and love the amazing bond they have with my boys.  What a special relationship we have with the DeCook family...and how God orchestrated everything with our children being so close in age and them being such amazing friends and genuinely loving each other so much.  Tate and Wesley still don't "get" that they aren't their cousins!  lol

Lora, Sophia and I got to spend some time together just before Sophia's birthday doing her 2 year pictures. don't get much cuter than this!

And I know I say it all the time, but this is my blog and my personal journal and outlet where I can say anything that is on my mind so I will say it again...I am so blessed to have Lora in my life.

I love that Lora and I are doing this thing called motherhood together.  It's so nice to be able to learn and grow as mothers together.  I need her and what we have is beyond friendship and it is so precious to me.  And her girls...I love them each so much that it hurts.  God brought our family together with the DeCooks at the perfect time in our lives.  We just "work".  Sean and James' friendship, the kids friendship, Lora and my just works.  We have built so many incredible memories with this family...through our many evenings and weekends spent together, our trips away without kids, our family vacations, being there for each other in the hard times and the happy, big times in our lives, picking each other up when we are down, laughing harder than we've ever laughed in our lives together.  What a blessing to call these amazing people more than just friends...they are family to us.  And we look forward to the many more special vacations we will take, memories we will make and times we will spend together!

Phi Phi was not super excited about getting sung to.

It may have been a bit too much for her to take! lol.  I remember Tate doing this at his FOURTH birthday!  Ha!

 Aside from the fact that she obviously hated our singing, she was happy as can be!

We love you so much, Sweet Girl!
Happy Birthday!

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