Monday, April 28, 2014


It's pretty much the worst thing ever.  Ugh.  I just want to be unpacked and have everything in it's place.  Our garage is full of stuff and my van is sitting out in the driveway while I pray that with this crazy storm, there is no hail!

We are so thrilled with so much about our new home!  We love love love the neighborhood and actually like the yard a lot even though it's much smaller than our previous lot.  We are having fun exploring the restaurants in our neighborhood since right now our oven is sitting in the middle of the kitchen waiting to be installed.  We got our new fridge and love's a monster.  We figured with 3 growing boys, we need the biggest fridge we can we got a giganto one.  We even had to trim a bit of the wood off of the cabinets above the fridge so it would fit!  Ha.  Soooo worth it!  Can't wait to get our dishwasher installed TONIGHT as our dishwasher in the house was not draining right and I am FINALLY getting the double gas oven (that's the one sitting in my kitchen waiting to be installed!) that I have been wanting since moving into our PREVIOUS house 2 years ago!  Woot!  So needless to say, we are excited about the new appliances. :)  We definitely have less square footage here which is a bit of a struggle as we don't want our house to look cluttered, but it turns out that I kinda like (and want to keep) most of my things.  Ha.  We'll figure it out, I'm sure!

I am excited to paint and will be making an IKEA trip in the very near future for the boys' new beds and some storage solutions.  Otherwise, things are coming together pretty well.  Tate and Wesley have had a blast meeting and playing with the neighbor boy who is a year older than Tate and we are really doing our best to make this house our home.

I cannot wait for the school year to end so I no longer have to drive Tate 25 minutes to school each morning and also drive that 25 minutes in the afternoon to pick him up several times a week as well!  That is no fun!

So there's good and bad, but we are super happy that at least the moving part is over!  :)

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