Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Wesley is 5!!!

We missed the first 39 months of Wesley's life.  We missed his birth, were not there to love on him when he was sick, to pray over him when he had his transplant, to care for him after his transplant.  We missed so much of his life, so much that was so important in his life.  I know that we weren't meant to be a part of all of that...I do believe that there is a reason we weren't there, that we weren't his Mommy and Daddy at that time, but it is hard to think that he went through all of that, our son, and we didn't know, we weren't there.

Wesley has been with us 21 seems like he's been in our family for SO MUCH LONGER than that...forever really!

I look at him in awe every single day.  This boy is STRONG...he has to be...he had to be from the day he was born.  He is full of determination in all he does.  This will be so good and necessary for him in years to come...

Wesley is full of life and zest and spunk and energy.  He has a sparkle in his eye (and a bit of the devil in there as well, I think!)... lol

He is full of matter his circumstances, he is quick to smile and joke around.  He never slows down unless his body just won't let him go anymore and aside from a day here and there, we've only witnessed that happen to him once when he was very ill and in the hospital a little over a year ago.

He's a daredevil.  He won't let anything stop him from doing what he wants to do.  He is going to push the envelope his whole life, I have a feeling.  He is brave and courageous and we love that about him!

And he is a CHARMER!  All of his therapists and doctors and teachers are easily smitten by him.  He knows how to turn on the charm and we're CERTAIN this is going to be a problem for us as he grows up.  He likes the ladies ALREADY!  Yikes!  And look at him...I mean c'mon...with his charm and seriously good looks, the ladies are likely going to like him too!

He can cause a scene, that's for sure.  All he has to do is give that deep stare and unforgettable smile and people are looking.  Everywhere we go, he attracts attention...and he LOVES attention!

We adore him so much it hurts.  I look at him every single day and cannot believe he's ours.  My heart is so full to know that I have the special honor of being his mommy for the rest of his life and though my heart hurts at the thought of having missed so many pertinent things in his life, I know that I will never let a day go by ever again without praying for him, supporting him and loving him.  He was blessed to have a wonderful support system full of amazing people who love him so much for the several months before he came to be part of our family.  Though I will always wish I had been able to be a part of his life from the beginning, I know he was in incredible hands during that time, during his wait for his new kidney, his transplant and his recovery.  For some reason, we were not meant to be those people and we have to be okay with that.

And now he's 5.
He is amazing.
He has a long road ahead of him with many unknowns.
We know he will overcome any obstacles.
He is too determined not too.

Happy Birthday, Wesley!
Mommy and Daddy are so incredibly proud of you and amazed by you!  We love you far more than we could ever express!  We thank God every day that He chose us to be your Mommy and Daddy!  What a blessing you are to our family!!!

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