Monday, December 23, 2013

Peakin Christmas 2013

We celebrated Christmas with the Peakin side of the family this weekend at our house.  I LOVED hosting our Christmas again this year!  I love these kiddos so much it hurts...and they love each other so much!

Let's just pretend that Cason is laughing really hard in this picture...okay?  Okay. ;)

The original Peakin Family. :) 

Nana and Papa P with all of their grandchildren.
Love it!

And Cason played in the snow for the first time this weekend!  As you can see, he loved it!  It took him a few minutes to warm up to the idea of wearing gloves, but he quickly grew accustomed to it when he pulled them off and felt the cold snow on his hands.
I must say, I was surprised at how much he loved the snow!
We ALL played in the snow with the kids for quite a while on Sunday.

And I am pretty much in love with this shot.  It's one of my favorite shots from the last several months I think.
Cason is crazy addicted to cannot get enough of his Daddy when he's around.  I love seeing them together!  This picture makes my heart want to jump out of it's chest.

We had such a wonderful Christmas celebration with the Peakins! 

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