Thursday, November 07, 2013

Lani's Surprise Birthday Trip

When Brigg turned 10, Sean and I surprised him with a trip to St. Louis and 2 Cardinals games to celebrate him turning DOUBLE DIGITS.  It's a big deal, people. ;)  So Lani was our next niece to turn 10...and it's now a tradition.  10 is going to mean a special birthday gift for our nieces and nephews. :)  So we showed up at Lani's house after school on Friday with balloons and swept her off for the weekend.  We took the train to Chicago, stayed in a an awesome hotel with an amazing view right in the heart of downtown and went to Wicked as well as some other fun things!

Our view from our room...

We had a great time walking around the city and going to Millenium Park...

The Bean is always a hit!

Then Lani and I got gussied up for Wicked while Sean and Tate went to Shedd Aquarium!
Wicked.Was.INCREDIBLE!  Oh was truly amazing! 

That night we went to The Rainforest Cafe.  The kids (and adults) had a BLAST!!!

I LOVE this girl...she is so sweet and kind and loving...really, she is an incredible 10 year old! 

Thank you Cassie and Paul for keeping our 2 littles so this weekend could happen!
I hope Lani remembers this trip always...we sure will!

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