Friday, July 26, 2013

Lots of photo sessions...

It's been a BUSY, but fun last week of photo sessions.  I am getting really busy!

I still have to pinch myself that this is my "job".  I mean, I get paid to take pictures...crazy.

I've has a cake smash session...

2 adorable sisters...

a super fun maternity session...

and an awesome group of children!

School starts for the boys 2 weeks from Monday!  This has been the fastest summer EVER!  Part of me is ready for the kids to go back and get back into a routine and the other part of me is going to miss them and struggle with being tied down to a routine and schedule.  I should probably start working on getting the boys to bed earlier here soon...we've gotten into a BAD habit of late nights and sleeping in every morning!

I will also be soaking up my time with Cason being home while I can.  He starts school in January!!!  Ugh.  The thought of that gets me a bit dizzy and nauseous.

The next 2 weeks will be NUTS as we are packing a lot in!  Tate and I have our "back to school date" planned where we go to dinner just him and I and get his school supplies and he is so excited.  We are going to be spending a night in a hotel and getting together with Brandon (Tate's birth father) so he and Tate can swim and spend time together before the chaos of school begins.  We are making a trip to visit Knutsons and see their new home, we hope to fit in several of the last things on our summer list.  I have the 2nd annual Stewart Girls Shopping Day with my mom, Cassie and Brenda so we can get the clothes our kids and we need for the school year...and we might have a fun dinner and drinks as well. ;)  Last year was SO FUN that we decided to make it a tradition!

In addition to all that, I just have life.  Labs for Wes, photo shoots, appointments galore...the usual.  Today we head out for the weekend to remember my Grandpa and say our final goodbyes at his memorial.

Hope you all have had a wonderful summer and enjoy every last minute of it before we blink and it's over!

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