Saturday, June 29, 2013

Our first trip to the zoo of 2013

Yesterday was the day. It was beautiful out and so DeCooks and us packed up our kids, went to lunch and the zoo. It was so much fun!
Sean and James sure had a good time. :)
Our crew.  I look at this crowd and have to pinch myself.  3 boys, 3 girls...DeCooks girls and our boys nearly the same ages.  And they all LOVE each other!  God is good!

The petting zoo was fun.  Thanks, Lora for buying the food.  Since I'm so cheap, I opted to scoop up the food on the pavement rather then spend the quarter on the machine!  Ha.  Whatever works! :)

And then we fed the birds nectar.  It might be my favorite part...I mean, aside from the constant pooping birds above my head.  I mean, it's a miracle I didn't have poop all over me!  We all came out unscathed (aside from the fact that Sean got bit and was bleeding!  Ha.). Whew!

Last year, Tate screamed bloody murder and cried while we were in there.  Progress!

I LOVE this picture!  You can see the nectar splashing from the cup...those birds are messy eaters!  And the kids were so intrigued!

The giraffes are another of my favorites.  They are so huge and beautiful.  LOVE them! 

I kinda love these two as well!

We road the train at the end of our visit.  All of the kids LOVED this part...

The whistle bothered Wesley's ears so he kept them covered the ENTIRE ride.  Silly boy!

Phi Phi even enjoyed the ride.  She is so stinkin' cute!!!
 Following our zoo trip, we opted to make a day of our time together.  It's just kinda what we do in the summertime...spend the majority of it with the DeCooks.  We love them, they are family.  We wouldn't change it.  They came over and we all ate dinner together, the kids played and played and ran around outside catching lightening bugs and laughed and roasted marshmallows and ate smores and ran around and played some more.  It finally feels like summer!

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