Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What I did last weekend...

I spent my weekend in Des Moines doing lots of photo sessions and spending time with dear friends. It was a BUSY and fun weekend!
Minutes after pulling into town, I was doing this photo session for my incredibly gorgeous and talented friend, Melissa's makeup area in her new spa, Serendipity Spa.  It was a session that is unlike anything I've ever done...so fun and has been a blast editing it too!
Then I got to see Cason's old physical therapist turned my friend.  I photographed her adorable family and got to just hang out at the park with all of them and snap some pictures while I was at it. :)  Love that I am able to remain in contact with she and her family after they moved.  So sad she's gone, but so happy that she became my friend!

Then, I got to go to the capital building and photograph Sean's cousin and her family.  They are pretty much the nicest, most laid back people I know.  Oh my, they are AWESOME to photograph!  This shot is at the top of my list of favorite family shots I've taken...ever.

And then my dear friend Amanda and her stud of a 3 year old son, Bentlee.  We laughed pretty much the entire session and seriously, isn't she gorgeous and isn't he handsome?!?!  Oh my...love this girl and her son so much!

Last but not least, I got to photograph the Curran Family.  I have photographed them 4 times now.  Love watching families through the years...and again, SUCH an incredibly wonderful family.  Love my sessions with them!  And little Andrew is getting so old!  I photographed him for the first time as a tiny infant and now he's 3!!!
What an awesome weekend!  I kinda dig this going to another city for a weekend of photo sessions.  It's nice to have a change of scenery and has inspired me to try and find some new local locations to shoot at this year!

I huge thank you to Melissa and Amanda for letting me crash at their homes while I was in town!  Love you guys!  And yet again I am reminded that I have the best clients ever! 

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