Monday, April 15, 2013

a weekend in Colo

We spent the weekend in Colo.  Love getting all of the cousins together...aren't they adorable?!!!
We planted magic jelly beans...

Well, all but Wesley...he ate his...after me telling the kids over and over and over NOT to eat the magic jelly bean.

The next morning, the jelly beans had brown lollipops!

The kids ran out to see if they grew...

They were so excited and amazed!

And Wesley was shocked when he saw that his lollipop had grown out of his tube since he ATE his magic jelly bean.  It was hilarious. :)
It was a great weekend.  We got to see so many extended family that we don't see very often.  Thank you to Nana and Papa P for housing all of us on Saturday night.  We have kind of a crazy crowd when we're all together! :)

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