Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This week at the Peakin Residence...

This week at our house is laundry week...and selling clothes week.  I posted a bunch of the  boys' clothes on Facebook and within a couple of hours sold most of the items size 4T and larger.  Apparently I don't know anyone who needs many 12-18 mos size clothes.  Boo...because I posted a lot of them!  We had a major out of control laundry situation!  It's slowly getting under control.  I've established that to avoid the laundry situation getting that bad again, we must get rid of lots of clothes.  We had a million piles of dirty clothes the equivalent of the total amount of clothes some people own!  It's embarrassing.  And most of them are mine, Cason's and Wesley's clothes.  Tate doesn't have THAT much.  

Tonight is the LAST night that we will be sleeping in our bed.  We get our new Sleep Number bed delivered TOMORROW!!!  Whoot!  Whoot!  I can't wait...and it's like my body knows it's coming because I have been extra sore these last few mornings and the bed has felt extra uncomfortable.  Sean has had a terribly sore neck this week too...we're ready for our new bed!

Aside from therapy sessions for Cason and errands for me, doing Lisa's hair and helping a friend pick out paint for her play room, there's not a whole lot else on the agenda this week.  Saturday I get to go up to Dubuque for a maternity session with my one and only bride I ever photographed!  So excited!!!  Then it's Superbowl Sunday and the Leonards are coming over for food and hanging out.

Wesley is doing great with potty training and (until a random occurrence at school today), hasn't had an accident in his pants at home OR at school for about a week!  This is exciting stuff, people!  Cason has been whiny today.  Not sure what's going on with him, but for several weeks he hasn't taken much of a nap at all during the days.  He sleeps for about 20-30 minutes and is up.  He isn't upset, just awake.  He sleeps fine at night and is acting normal otherwise, so who knows what the deal is.

I can't believe it's almost February!  Less than 6 weeks and we'll be in Florida for almost 2 weeks!  I.Can't.Wait!  Though this winter hasn't been bad, the thought of being in Florida soon is getting me through!

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