Monday, January 07, 2013

Happy Birthday, Cassie!

My sister turns 30 something today. ;)
I love her. Period.
She has taught me so much in life.
So much about motherhood...she is an incredible mother.

She is busy, but when we get times to spend together, it is so fun!  Alway lots of laughs to be had!

And she is an awesome aunt to her nieces and nephews...

Our boys love her!

She and Paul have grown an amazing family and have the best children!
So proud to call Cassie my sister!

It seems just like yesterday we were fighting and she was calling me a pest.  Now we both have 3 children and busy lives.  Our relationship has changed so much, but one thing remains the same.  I still look up to her in so many ways...I know I always will.
I love you, Cassie and hope you have a wonderful birthday!


Farm-Raised said...

You ladies are both amazing!! Love all the laughter...

Cassie said...

i just saw this!
thanks! love you too!!