Monday, November 26, 2012

Random Thoughts...

Sometimes I let my young clients take pictures with my camera of me. It works like a charm to warm them up to me. A 3 year old client of mine took this picture a week or so ago. Very smart picture...cut off my double chin, focus is on my eye. I see some talent here! ;)
 I am sick.  I knew yesterday that I was getting a cold, but this morning I feel terrible.  No fever, just major chest know, the kind where you try not to cough because it hurts so bad.  For some reason my neck hurts, like on the outside.  And I think I have a sinus infection.  I feel like complete yuck.

I am so happy to be getting Christmas cards in the mail!  I love Christmas cards!!! :) I especially think it's just so fun when I open them up and see that the pictures on the card are the ones I took!  I've gotten 2 so far.  I can't wait to get ours in the mail so I can mail them out...they are so cute, probably my favorite Christmas card we've ever had.

I did go PRE Black Friday shopping at WalMart and Target for the first time ever.  It was NUTS.  I was practically forced to go. ;)  However, I did get some good deals.  I didn't wait in the long lines for any of the big ticket items, but managed to score some jammies, sweatshirts and games for the boys for very cheap!

Cason is pulling himself up to everything!  It's very fun and the boys still scream and clap everytime he does it like it's the first time.  So cute.

I am not a fan of the character Sponge Bob.  I mean, it's weird because the show kind of cracks me up...sort of embarrassed to admit that, but it's true.  I just don't like having Sponge Bob THINGS at home...even shirts and stuff, just not a fan.  Anyway, Wesley LOVES Sponge Bob...LOVES.  I wanted to avoid a Sponge Bob birthday party for him, so I had a different plan, but as the day approaches, I am starting to feel like he would be more excited if his cake and party supplies were Sponge Bob rather than my alternate plan.  So I am giving in...a Sponge Bob party it is!  I'm sure we'll all survive. :)  I am ordering his cake today and was planning on heading out to pick up party supplies, but just feel so terrible that I don't know if that will happen.

We are firming up Christmas gifts for the boys.  We aren't really getting them much since their big gift is our little 2 day trip to the Waterpark outside of Chicago the day after Christmas, but they will have things in their stocking and something under the tree from Santa.  We are definitely including one of these headlamps for each of the big boys.  I KNOW they will think they are so cool and I can just see them running around the house with these on all the time!
I haven't told Sean this yet, but I am hoping to get Wesley completely potty trained over Christmas break.  Wish us luck...potty training is very difficult with him and we don't have a very good potty training track record (Tate was just short of 4 when he got potty trained).  Apparently potty training is not one of our strengths in the parenting arena.  We knew and were told that Wesley would be a lot more difficult to potty train than the typical child due to his excessive fluid intake, but that has decreased due to the elimination of his nighttime feedings so now is a good time.  I think we're going to need more than just a weekend with him though, so Christmas break is what I am thinking will work best.

You know what I am most excited for today?  A shower...oh my goodness, I cannot wait for a shower.  It's been a couple of days...ya, you read that right, a couple of days.

I am getting SUPER EXCITED for the cookie exchange I am having in December.  I got the invitations in the mail, so I need to address those and get them out.  The cookie exchange was SO FUN last year and it's going to be bigger and better this least that's the plan. :)

I am in 100% Christmas mode...Christmas music fills my house and I am feeling like it's okay to break out the Christmas socks now too.  I have had my Christmas jammies out for a while now.  I love our trees and just sitting in a dark room with just the glow of the tree.  I love Christmas time!

I have 1 more family photoshoot on Wednesday and I am done for the winter!  I have a couple of babies and a maternity session scheduled, but aside from that, I will be off for the winter.  It will be a nice break.  It's been BUSY for Jennie Peakin Photography in 2012!

Hoping to get back to blogging more regularly now that things seem to be settling down a bit in our lives! 


Kerry said...

We, read Ben and the kids, love to have indoor flashlight tag with those type of headlamps during the winter. It's super cute and very amusing to all of them. I usually try and get people to slow down so they don't get hurt jumping and running all over the place.

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