Wednesday, November 07, 2012


(random pictures will be dropped into this post that have no connection with what I am typing...just in case you were wondering. :))
So thankful the election is over.  Now we can move on with regular programming...both literally and figuratively!  I never missed regular commercials so much and the negativity I have seen on social media is disturbing.  I am ready for the political posts to go away and the mean remarks from democrats AND republicans to stop.  It's just ICKY!
So onward...
How about them Hawkeyes?!
Oh, wait...we won't talk about that either!

The holidays are coming!
I played Christmas music yesterday...oh yes I did!  I also completed my cookie exchange invite.  SOOO excited for that fun night with lots of women who I am blessed to know!
Also, we have our Christmas festivities planned and it is going to be a wonderful Christmas...our first as a family of 5!  Eek...I love Christmas and can't wait!  Now if I could talk Sean into letting me decorate, I would be sooo happy!
Cason is SOOOOO close to pulling himself up to standing!  He will pull himself up to my legs, but for some reason, he won't do it to furniture.  Also, we've been working on him climbing the stairs and he's almost got the hang of it!  Woohoo!  He is just unbelievable!

Wesley rides the bus to and from school now which has been amazing!  It was a nightmare lugging he and Cason into the school and walking to the farthest posible room to sign him in and then doing it again to pick him up at the end of the day.  It was always really bad when it was raining and I knew I was going to hate it in the winter!  So glad we were able to have him ride the bus!  Now our goal is to try and get him off of his pump for night time feedings.  He has been unhooking himself almost every night which makes formula go everywhere and he isn't getting any of it then.  We feel he's ready to be done with it and are going to try really hard to convince his dietician of this on Friday, but we'll see.  Wish us luck! :)

And Saturday is Wine to Water!!!  So excited to attend this event with my friend Lisa and sister-in-law, Sarah!  It is always a super fun event for a wonderful cause!

Now back to editing pictures...

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