Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Eve...

Our little monster and little skeleton...both very fitting costumes!
Is it bad that we didn't dress Cason up?  We talked about several ideas, but in the end, it was cold and we just didn't do anything to dress him up.
And Wesley slepped through trick or treating...for reals.  He was TIRED and we decided to put him up in his room to "rest" when he was getting a bit out of control and when Sean went to get him out after a few minutes, he was dead asleep.  He woke up about 30 seconds before Sean and Tate got home from Trick or Treating.  He didn't seem to care.  We put him in his costume and he handed some candy out with me and I took a picture.  He Trick or Trunked at Tate's school on Monday, so he didn't completely miss out.  Also, we're going to the Halloween parade tomorrow night, so maybe we'll put him in his costume for that too since it's a really warm costume. :)
I got to go to Tate's fieldtrip to Ridgecrest Nursing Home for Trick or Treating on Monday.  It was so fun to go!  Tate loved going there and it was fun to see how Tate is in his class and to meet some of his classmates.

Not sure what he's doing here, but his face cracks me up!  I posted this picture though so you could see that his "bleeding heart" on his costume, lights's so cool.

And this little old lady was SO SWEET!  She played the Hokey Pokey and the kids danced.  She used to be a teacher and she just loved the kids being there!

And here's a cool story...
Tate talks a lot about Elliot from his class.  It seems that is one of the little guys he has befriended.  I get into the classroom to help a few minutes early and another mom arrived arond the same time.  We got to talking and I found out that she was Elliot's mom.  She goes on to tell me that Elliot talks about Tate all the time too!  After more conversation, we realize we are neighbors...they live 4 houses away from us on the same street.  Seriously.  SO COOL!  Tate and Elliot were so excited to learn that they are neighbors!  Anyway, his mom and I ended up riding to the nursing home together and chatting more.  She is a nurse and her husband is a teacher and they just seem like a really nice family.  We got to meet their little 3 year old tonight when they came by for trick or treating as well.  So maybe their little 3 year old boy, Owen and Wesley could start a little friendship as well!  Elliot is a good kid, so I'm glad that Tate started a friendship with him.  Looking forward to getting to know Elliot and his family better as time goes on. :)


Candi said...

OH MY... such a great post and full of good and darling things!! I am smiling.... so glad you learned about Elliot living so close!! FUNNY!!

Sara Bark said...

Let me know if you ever need a costume for Cason because I still have all of Tyler's old costumes. Although I think next years will be the last year that it would be a cute stuffed one. Let me know if you want him to be a lion next year! (After that its ninja turtles & transformers)