Monday, October 08, 2012


Friday he turned 6.
Surrounded by all of our closest friends and family, Tate got old.
I am sorry, 6 just seems old to me.
He is a kindergartener and I can't spell things in front of him anymore and know he won't know what I am spelling.
I kissed him goodnight the night before his birthday and said, "This is the LAST time I'll be kissing me 5 year old...I am so sad!"  His response was worried, "Mommy, will you still kiss me when I'm 6?!"
I want to freeze time.
He is an amazing little boy.

We love you Tate with all that we are and we can't imagine life without you!  We are so proud of you and the little boy you are becoming!
He got 2 little brother's and a trampoline (and LOTS of other amazing gifts!) for his birthday.
This one is one we'll never forget.
What an incredible day.
Happy Birthday, Tater Tot!

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Candi said...

OH MY HEART TOO!!!!!!!! I thought you were going to say "he no longer WANTS kisses anymore " WHEW!!!