Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Dad's birthday party...and our anniversary!

On Tuesday last week, my brother, sister, our spouses and I surprised (well, it was SUPPOSED to be a surprise, but we won't get into that!) my dad for his birthday by gathering at Osaka. It was so fun. We are usually quite the lively (ahem...loud/annoying) bunch when we're together. I love it. :)   If you know the Stewarts, you know that's just how we's how we've always been and always will be.  We sometimes cause quite the scene...and this night wasn't any different.
After dinner, Dad dawned the birthday hat, the lights dimmed and the birthday song played...we cheered and sang and clapped and probably annoyed everyone! Ha.

...that is aside from the neighboring table.  The little girls at the table next to us wanted to join they did!
We were all wearing sparkly star sunglasses when my dad arrived and so we gave the kids some glasses to wear.  They loved that.  Then, when the birthday song played, this little girl came over to say happy birthday and my dad gave her his hat.  It was pretty cute because she was totally excited to wear a hat that said, "Happy Birthday Larry".  Then she said (while looking at my dad's birthday dessert), "Can I have a bite of that?!"

And dad said, "Just take the whole thing!"
So she did...and she.was.happy!
We were headed to Granite City for more drinks and dessert anyway. :)

Oh and that night also happened to be Sean and my 8th anniversary.
Seriously...8 years?!
I love this man.
We have had some ROUGH times and our lives and family have turned out so differently than we always thought they would, but we've rolled with the punches TOGETHER (most of the time!  Ha.) and we've made it out stronger.  I know that there will be many more twists and turns for us and probably lots more peaks and valleys, but we love each other and I cannot wait to be with this man for the rest of my life!

(kinda blurry, I know)

Fun night with so many people I love.
My favorite times are times spent with family!

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