Monday, August 13, 2012

Kids at Kinnick

We took the big kids to Kids at Kinnick on Saturday. Thank you to Brenda for watching the baby for us so we could spend this time with the 2 bigs. :)

Sean was pretty happy to have his 2 big boys with him while heading to the stadium.  There's just something about the stadium...especially when it's surrounded by a sea of black and gold.  Oh how I love the Hawkeyes!
It was our middle child's 1st trip to Kinnick.
Love this boy...

Tate participated in the soccer kicking activity.  He was proud to get it in the goal...

He cautiously climbed the bleachers with his little brother the whole time.  However his little brother didn't climb them quite so cautiously.  Those 2 are so different.

We even got to see the Morris Family while we were there!
So good to see them...such great friends who we don't get too see often enough. :(
Brady Morris...

Nile Morris...

Such a wonderful day...gorgeous weather, great company and a team we are so excited to cheer on this year!


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