Saturday, July 07, 2012

Before pictures of our house!

This house will likely be a work in progress for the next few years, but I wanted to post some "Before" pictures for those of you who haven't ever seen it or didn't see it before the work we've done on it. The "After" photos likely won't come for another couple of weeks. Can't wait to share those! Maybe I'll share some after photos of the completed rooms before that. For now, here it was in it's original glory...

The kitchen.
Awesome wallpaper and window treatments...not.
View of the kitchen from standing by the sink...

We removed wallpaper, painted, got new stainless appliances (only the fridge and the dishwasher, but the oven and microwave are coming in a month).  We will be replacing the floors by carrying the wood floors that are in the livingroom all the way through the kitchen and mudroom.  This will be done in a couple of months.  We just got a large (8'x5') sheet of steel that we are painting with chalkboard paint and hanging on our large wall at the end of our kitchen for a magnetic/chalkboard wall.  Hopefully that will be done next week.  We are replacing the cabinet pulls with THESE and hopefully replacing the dated ceiling fan before years end.  We are doing a cornice box in the fabric that our kitchen seats are upholstered in over the windows.  Next spring we will be replacing the countertops with quartz, getting a new sink and a glass tile backsplash and removing this planning desk area and replacing it with a pantry cupboard.  THEN, the project will be complete!

The main floor full bathroom.  This was supposed to be an easy project.  Nope.  The walls were ALL wallpapered with that paintable wallpaper.  It was a nightmare to remove.  Then, we exposed mold which led to breaking the toilet while trying to remove it so we could cut out the wall that was moldy.  So, in short, we ended up taking a lot of wall out to fix the mold issue, got a new toilet, lights and a new mirror, added beadboard to the walls, painted and voilah, it was done. :)  We will be replacing the floors with some sort of tile in the next couple of months.

Our master bedroom turned into a way bigger project than anticipated as well.  Shocker...that was a common theme in this house!  Again, the walls we THOUGHT were painted, were actually wallpapered, textured and painted on top of.  Long story short, we hired a contractor who is replacing all of our walls, has already framed and sheetrocked a new walk-in closet and an additional regular closet, is replacing our trip, did some electrical/lighting work and will hopefully be done with that in a week or so.  Can't wait to have a fully useable bedroom and closets!

Other view of our bedroom.  It's big.  It used to be 2 rooms and a wall was torn down years ago to make it one...hence the weird vent issue on the floor when you walk in the room.  That will be taken care of in the near future as well. :)

And another view of our room.

The den.  This room really was probably the easiest fix.  The border came off easily, the walls and closet were painted (thanks Mike!!!) and we replaced the faceplates for the outlets and switches and called it a day.  This room has sliding glass doors that lead out to our large screened in porch.  We love that porch!!!

Other view of our den.  This is standing in the doorway that leads to a half bath.

This is the main livingroom in the house.  This is the room you walk right into from the front door.  Again, major wall issues.  This is the other part that our contractor is working on.  He is replacing all of these walls as well.  Long story short...what we thought were walls, were wallpapered, textured and painted over paneling.  Awesome.  NOT!  There is currently no ceiling lights in here, but our contractor is adding can lights as well as THIS ceiling fan.  We got 2 of THESE couches (upholstered different, but still a similar color of green) which is going to give us a fun midcentury modern look in there.  We are excited!  I also have an amazing, huge painting done by a great friend that will grace the wall of this room...oh, and new window treatments for sure!  Can't wait!!!

The 2 little boys' room.  It didn't get painted...just new carpet (MUCH needed due to major pet odor), new window treatments and faceplates on the switches and outlets.  It's a huge room and there is TONS of open play space in here for the boys.

Another view of the room...

And another view facing the closet.  Those doors came off and will be replaced once painted or maybe just replaced with a fun curtain.

This is a little shelving area in the hallway upstairs outside of Tate's room.  It was painted more neutral and for now houses unpacked boxes!

All of this icky carpet got replaced!

The door leading to the little boys' room was painted with this lovely artwork.  It's now an off white...about 186 coats of it!  The trim is painted the same off white.  The awesome curtain has been taken down as well and has yet to be replaced.

This is one room we didn't touch.  It's a half bath upstairs outside of Tate's room.  It's crazy.  The boys think it's the coolest bathroom ever. Ha.  We plan to add a shower in it in a few years, so we decided just to leave it as is for now while the boys are still young and just redo it completely once we add the shower a few years down the road.

Another view of their under the sea bathroom...

Tate's room.  It's also huge.  It is now orange...his favorite color.  He picked the color and we let him have the sole decision in that.  He did is actually not too terribly neon.  I like it. :)  He also has new carpet...well, everywhere in the house where there was carpet, it was replaced.

We painted the trim off white.  He wanted us to keep it blue.  That's where were drew the line.  He likes it off white. :)
So that's it for now.  What isn't pictured is our finished basement, our mudroom, our screened in porch, our other bathroom and the 2 bedroom areas in the basement.  The basement will be refinished hopefully within the next year and a half and so we'll do before and after pictures of that when we do that. 


Sara said...

Wow! How have you done all that with all your little ones?!! I can't seem to get any projects done! Amazing! I can't wait to see the after pics.

Kerry said...

I was expecting to see SOOO much more progress! What have you guys been doing? Ha, you know I'm kidding ;) I love all the space; those bedrooms are ginormous. When you guys are shopping for materials, especially tiles, don't forget about Restore. We've found LOTS of great tile there for next to nothing, score!

hotflawedmama said...

i can't wait to see the after!!

JamieLynne said...

So, the people before you obviously didn't shy away from interior design!! haha.. Will look forward to seeing it with a Peakin pop of color all over the place.. and less wallpaper. :)