Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Now I get it...

I remember when I used to think I was busy when I just had 1 child...then, for that month we had only 2 children, I thought I was REALLY busy.  Now I KNOW I'm busy...and no offense to all of you parents to 1 and 2 kids, but when I had 1 (and even 2 kids even though that was only for a month!) life was a vacation!!!  I don't know what on earth made me think I was so busy!  Between just meeting the basic needs of 3 kids and moving into a new home and remodeling and keeping a home clean that's 3x the size of a home you are used to, I have 2 of those kids with significant needs beyond what's considered "basic".  I feel like I have about 5 or 6 kids really...though I don't know what that feels like and those parents with 5 or 6 kids would likely argue with me that I'm busy! :)  It's almost comical trying to fit in 7-8 appointments per week, homecooked meals every night (because it's too pricey to go out all the time!), keep a house presentable and even clean on occassion (a rare occassion for us! Ha.), showering (not a regular occurance for me anymore), naptimes, seeing friends and family, paying bills (that's my job in our family), grocery shopping and errand running and trying to have some quality time just hanging out with my little family.  Oh and then there's disciplining and timeouts and breaking up arguments...that's what takes up what feels like 75% of my days right now!  It's nuts really.

So I finally get it...when those parents used to say that they were counting down the days until school started and their routine was in place...I get it.  I am so ready!  Until our two newest dumplings, I would have been one of those moms who was emotional and didn't want their "baby" to go to kindergarten.  Nope...not gonna be one of those moms now.  I can't wait  for what's in store for Tate.  I will be a bit emotional that day and soaking up my time with him on these last days leading up to the beginning of his school career, but I am ready (and so is HE) for him to get to this step.  I even enrolled our 3 year old in preschool...all day preschool.  He NEEDS it.  So I will be home with my real baby...the 1 year old.  Oh my, I love ALL of my boys, but 8am-2pm Monday through Friday is going to be amazing.  :)  I still will have about 1 appointment every day for our baby, but that is NOTHING compared to what we're doing now. 

I am ready for routine.  I get butterflies in my stomach when I think about it! :)  I know I will miss these days someday.  My life as a mom to children not yet in school is over.  That is a bit sad.  The freedom of taking a trip any time in the fall, winter or spring is gone.  That feeling of being able to shelter my children from things I don't want them to learn yet is also gone and that makes me a bit ill.  I am scared of what Tate might learn, hear or see now that I am not going to be there at every moment.  Yet, I am still ready for this new chapter.

1 month...that's all I have left with Tate before he is officially "school age"!  Eek!  Crazy!

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