Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why am I blogging?!?!?!

I have tons to do...seriously, we are living out of boxes, I have photos to edit, birthmothers to write, showers to take.  However, I am blogging.

I just want to remember this time.  Remember these thoughts I guess.

I can't believe this is our house.  I sit out on our screened in porch and look into our back yard or look at our house and just think, "holy crap, this is our house."  It's crazy.  It's not a fancy house, it still needs a lot of work, almost every room is only partially done, we are being taken over by weeds and clovers outside, but it's all ours.  There is so much space in this house.  For real, it's so amazing.  The back yard is gigantic...I mean, Sean is going to need a riding lawn mower for sure.

The house is starting to feel like our own.  We have put our touch on it.  Most rooms have been changed drastically and if they haven't yet, they will be in the next year or two.  It's a major work in progress.  It's strange to have the neighborhood kids knock on our door and ask to play with the boys.  It's good, but strange.  We have pretty much a child's dream back yard so they want to be here a lot.  I've kicked them out once because the boys needed some peace I think...or maybe I did. :)  For the most part though, it's great.  Our neighbors are fabulous...SO NICE! 

Our kitchen will eventually be close to my dream maybe a year.  We still need to do the floors (they aren't TOO bad right now though), the countertops and the cabinet pulls (although new cabinets would be amazing, it's not in the budget).  Oh, and we haven't gotten our new oven and microwave yet, but have gotten our new dishwasher and fridge...both are so awesome!

I can't wait to post before and after is pretty amazing the changes you will see!  At least I think it is!  The best part...we are doing this on a pretty tight budget.  We didn't want to finance anything, so we aren't.  That's partially why we couldn't do it all at once.  We don't have loads of money just laying around so we had to spend our money wisely.  It's amazing how much you can do on a tight budget!  I like getting creative to make things work within our budget...probably a trait I inherited from my mother. :)  Thanks, Mom!

The kids are like maniacs running all over this house.  They love it...and they love their play houses too!  They are all sleeping amazing here.  Our 2 littles are sharing a room now and Tate has his own little big boy heaven to live in...complete with a couch, TV (no cable, just a DVD player) and TONS of open floor space to play.  Oh and the under the sea themed bathroom that is pretty kidtastic as well.  :)  He thinks he's big stuff up there!

I don't even know what to do with 3 bathrooms...I mean, we've never had more than 2 and I thought having 2 was pretty fantastic!  Ha.  I will say that I underestimated the amount of time I would need to spend cleaning with a larger house!  I new it would be more time, but man...these kids can destroy every room in about 5 minutes flat.  Plus, the larger kitchen takes way more time to sweep and with about 4x the counter space than I've had in years, they take a lot of time to wipe down.  Then, there's 4 boys in this house and so the bathrooms get nasty to say the least.  I mean, we've only been here about a week and I can already tell this!

Okay, that's going to have to be it for lots of boxes to unpack!

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Candi said...

It will get done in time... having happy healthy children is WAY more important!! Sigh! : ) Hugs to ALL the boys.... my sweet boys!! :)