Saturday, June 09, 2012

Closing Time!

We FINALLY closed on our house today!  Woohoo!  We have a lot of things to do before officially moving in on the 23rd.  I am kind of dreading the next couple of weeks.  Ugh. 

Today was crazy...

After the closing, the littles and I drove to Davenport.  I dropped off the baby with DeCooks and headed to our middle's doctor appointment.  To avoid getting too specific, he is having some troubles with his medical condition.  It's scary and all so unknown, but we knew anything would be possible regarding his health and it's all in God's hands. 

After his appointment, we went to get the baby and Tate from DeCooks and when we got there, it was already almost 1 o'clock.  We decided we'd go to lunch with DeCooks and so we headed out.  By the time we got back from lunch, it was almost 3pm and the littles hadn't napped yet!  I put them down and noticed Tate seemed awfully tired too, so I suggested he nap as well.  That's almost comical because that child NEVER naps!  However, he must have been BEAT because he napped for 3 hours!!!  All the boys got up between 5:30 and 6pm.  While they napped, I edited pictures (I am way behind as usual!), did some stuff with our budget, paid some bills, unloaded some stuff I had in the car from our stay in Muscatine last night and before I knew it, 2 1/2 hours had passed! 

When the boys got up, I texted Lora to come on over and bring the girls because I was having a shaving cream party!  (pictures later...)  It was a mess, and FUN!  The kids had a ball!  Tate wanted to have Ava for a sleepover, so after having 4 kids jammed into our tiny bathtub to wash off all of the Barbasol shaving cream, we got jammies on, popped popcorn, Lora and Chloe headed home and Ava and Tate made their beds on the couches downstairs and watched a movie before bed.

I just completed editing my brother and sister-in-law's photo session and am heading to bed momentarily!  This weekend will be packing up the house central around here.  We haven't packed a thing.  Ugh.


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