Monday, April 16, 2012

Today my Dad leaves for Haiti...

...he will be there for a week.
This will be his 2nd trip to Haiti to give anesthesia to patients for surgery. He went right after the earthquake. There was no question he wanted to go, he couldn't get there fast enough. It was dangerous and uncomfortable and the stories he told were scary. Yet, there was never a question that he wanted to go back. He doesn't hesitate to do anything to help someone else...he would give someone the shirt off of his back, he would risk his life to save another's. He is amazing, he is my dad and I couldn't be prouder of that.
And what an incredible example he is to so many...especially his grandchildren who adore him and are so blessed to call him Papa.
Please keep my dad in your prayers that he has a safe week while in Haiti.

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Anonymous said...

Great pic of you girls with your Daddy! You guys look so pretty! Good Luck Larry! Love ya, Kay