Saturday, March 24, 2012

Welcome Sophia Grace!

I know (except I don't know because I've never had a baby) that it is HARD to have a baby. I mean, I can't even begin to imagine going through the whole process from finding out you're expecting to pushing the baby out, to dealing with all of the physical stuff that comes after your bundle is born. It has to be the hardest thing ever.
However, it's super hard to wait in the waiting room too. ;) You know, you're pacing and wondering how things are going, has the baby been born, is everyone okay, what does it look like, etc. So this morning, as I paced in the waiting room until I got the news that my dearest friend Lora had her sweet Sophia Grace, my heart was racing. Seriously, I hate that part, but also kinda love it. So exciting! Such a momentous moment is happening just behind the doors, a birth.'s amazing.
I got to meet Sophia Grace less than an hour after her arrival. And it took an instant to fall in love with her.
And the moment Granny Linda walked in and layed eyes on her newest grandchild and held her in her ams...the waterworks started.
Can't wait to go back to the hospital in a couple of hours to get more pictures and snuggle with that sweet baby who I know will be such a huge part of our lives!
Congratulations to James, Lora, Ava and Chloe on the arrival of your sweet new addition Sophia Grace! Love you all!


Beckysblog said...

she looks like she is smiling in that one picture!

Congrats! :)

Lisa Leonard said...

Awesome pictures! She is very pretty :)

sarak said...

She is such a beauty. She looks like the girls too!

Anonymous said...

Amy and I are very proud Aunts! We love our family! Thanks for the pics. Love, Kay and Layla

Linda Rode said...

Oh, Jennie, these are wonderful pictures. You are the best.