Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sometimes we just want to bury our heads...

...and cry.
Or run and hide in the bathroom...or really anywhere the kids can't find us.
It's been rough. I want to be completely honest here...this adjustment has been hard.
We are doing as well as can be expected with all we have going on. We are busy...super busy. I feel like all I do is discipline children, change diapers, make meals, do laundry, discipline children, step on toys, make meals, administer meds, discipline children, change diapers, make meals, discipline children, administer meds...oh, and then there's the bazillion appointments per week for our 2 newest additions and also the fact that we are doing all of the necessary things that need done when you purchase a house. So right now, that's our life. We are feeling overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, tired, overwhelmed...well, you get the point. So that doesn't leave much time for just fun, happy times. I am feeling like I don't have time for anything fun. It stinks. I am praying this changes soon. I guess we're still not quite in the groove. I do know with all my heart that things will get better, but for now, it's hard.
I just have to be honest and not portray life as something that it's not right now. So right now, in this season, we are overwhelmed. I love nap time and bed time and moments spent with amazing friends and family. Those are the moments that are keeping my head above water right now.
Sorry for the lack of posts...I will try to be better!


Kerry said...

First of all I love your honesty and that you make time for us to peer in on your family every so often :)

Second of all you are so right this is really difficult work. However, you are also right in that it will get easier! With all kids that come to you with their lives turned so up side down it takes time (sometimes lots of it other times not so much)to find your groove. It doesn't happen over night but you definitely know when you've found it.

Hang in there girl; you've got this! One day at a time. Call me if you need anything ... a drink, an ear, whatever :)

Andrea Dellit said...

You're life is my life right now. But we are vacation (thankfully) sans kids and dogs and hopefully mentally this is what I need. I know EXACTLY where you are. And I think about you and how you are doing nearly every day. I wonder if you feel the same way I do. And you do. ;) Good luck friend.