Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our 1st Baby...

Our 1st baby, Tater is seriously being so strong. He has his moments of jealousy and frustration and anger and then he has moments where he shines as an amazing, loving big brother. Mostly though, he's between those 2 things. I have to say that I am so proud of him...even in the tough moments. We have thrown a lot at him, he is going through so much. It's really hard on all of us. I want to be completely honest here...we are exhausted and have feelings of guilt for throwing all of this at him all so quickly, but also we are hopeful that this is going to do incredible things for him as a person. We love him more than words and would never do anything to hurt him. We have had a couple of amazing days. Things have gone great. We are kind of hunkering down at home and just being a family of 5 for while. Sean took a week off and has until Wednesday night before he has to go to work which has made it nice to just be together and establish a routine and some boundaries for our new addition as well as get used to being a family of 5.
And we are so proud of Tate and are taking every moment we can to tell him so.

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Candi said...

Oh I am sure this will help him grow and mature in a different and good way.... he is SO smart, he'll figure it all out and be just fine! Give him some Nana love for me please!! :) What a bunch you have formed!! ;] Love them ALL!!!!!!!!! Sigh!!