Sunday, March 04, 2012

make-up and our family

So I used to LOVE make-up and cosmetics of all kinds! Since I became a mom, gained a lot of weight and started to feel crappy about myself, I didn't really care about make-up anymore. I certainly don't feel great about myself still, but since losing a bunch of weight in 2011, I feel WAY better about myself than I did before. And seriously, I bought make-up the other day! I bought new eyeliner and 3 new lip colors! I am super excited about this! I remember when I used to feel this way after purchasing cosmetics and it feels good to feel this way again. Although I don't like the feeling of spending the money to get them! Eek! Cosmetics are expensive!

Our family of 5 was all together this weekend. It was wonderfully chaotic. :) As will be our life I'm sure! I am sad because once again, we are apart. :( This will HOPEFULLY be the last time. We will all be together again on Thursday for least that's the plan right now. Oh, and Tate decided today that he wants to be a family of 6...his words exactly, "I want to be a family of 6...I want a sister!" Ummmm...sorry bud, not happening! And honestly that's just funny that he said that because he isn't super keen on being a family of 5 quite yet! Ha.

And how's that for 2 completely unrelated paragraphs to make 1 post! :)

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