Friday, March 30, 2012


I have gotten incredible encouragement from friends old and new since posting about how things have been rough. I hate to hear about other people going through rough times, but it does make me feel less alone and makes me feel like I am not a terrible person for feeling some of the things I've been feeling. I love when people come out of the woodwork to email me or comment on here...I got an email from someone today that I met several years ago and had no idea she followed my blog. It was just the most encouraging and sweet made my day!

Things were good today. We didn't have ANY appointments or prior commitments and it almost felt as though I could breath better. I took the boys on a walk and we have just hung out and relaxed all day. I talked to our littlest one's physical and occupational therapists today about every 8 weeks or so, skipping a week of therapy...just to give me a breather from all of the appointments. I honestly don't know if I have had a single day since Christmas when we got our first addition to the family that I have had nothing on the calendar that had to be running Tate to preschool, no appointments, no meetings...nothing. I think I need to do this more often!

I have been pricing appliances for our new kitchen online today and even found time to watch one of my taped shows! That is UNHEARD OF during the days since our family has grown! Nearly all of our laundry is done (also completely unheard of!)...not put away, but done and folded. :) I do have a basket of my laundry up in our room where Sean is sleeping (he worked last night) that I will do later.

This weekend will be jam packed with fun things. We need some fun. Tomorrow is our Easter gathering and our niece Kayla's birthday party with the Peakin family and then after that we are heading to Des Moines where I will be doing a fellow photographer friend's family pictures in exchange for her doing our pictures the next day! Cannot wait! We got a hotel room and plan to have a fun, family night. Not going to may be rough in a tiny hotel room with all 5 of us...not sure how the sleeping is going to go. We may need prayers for that! Ha.

Sean worked has his last night shift for the next 4 weeks last night. Woohoo! I HATE when he works nights! So it'll be days for him over the next 4 weeks and that is just so much better for the whole family.

SO, all in all things are looking up!

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