Saturday, February 18, 2012

No time to edit pictures...

So you are getting a post of the completely unedited, straight out of my camera (and I used my flash) pictures. I am too tired to care. And honestly, you all may think I am weird, but I usually edit EVERY picture I post on here in some way.
So Tate has been wanting the Herky pillow pet for a LONG time! I am sorry, but that bad boy (the pillow pet, not Tate...ha) is EXPENSIVE! Not to mention that he already has 2 pillow pets! Spoiled much?! ;)
Anyway, we knew this was a big know, meeting his new brother and all. :) So, we figured it would be a good weekend to give him this special gift he's been wanting. And what do you know, but it was ON SALE for $15 at Von Maur!!!! Woohoo!!!!! Seriously, they are usually $35 or $38 or something crazy like that. So, I bought 2! One for him and one for his little brother. :)
They loved them, but Tate LOVED his more...

Oh my, it brought me so much joy to see him so happy about this gift. He clung to it all weekend and is soundly sleeping on it right now. I so want to just crawl in bed with my little guy and snuggle up to him this second! Too bad he sleeps in a twin bed on the top bunk! Not gonna happen! ;) Ha.
We are so proud of him and how he did this so proud!
(oh, and the weekend was OVERWHELMING, chaotic, wonderful, exciting...all of the above. Did I mention chaotic?! ;))

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