Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thankful...even on days like today!

Ugh...aren't sick kiddos just the worst?! We have one sick baby in our house. Breaks my heart!

Tate has never been a puker. I think he's only had 2 times when he had a stomach bug and during each bug, I think he only threw up once. Last night was a different story. Yikes! Sorry for too much information, but there was way too much puke than should be coming out of a little guy! Praying Tate doesn't get it too!

So today we are having a pajama party! I am doing lots of laundry (thanks to puke all over the sheets!), cleaning and disinfecting. There are sweet sounds of our Praise Baby DVD's playing in the livingroom (love.) and Tate is being truly angelic today! When he wants to, he can be the sweetest kid in the world! I just wish he wanted to more often! Ha. :) Man I love these boys that fill my house!

This is what is playing in my livingroom right now...

I was born to worship You my King
I was born to lay down everything
To make my life a living sacrifice
so I'll sing for You
I was born to worship

I will live my life for You alone
I will make my very heart Your home
so Your glory all the world will see
and so I'll sing for You
I was born to worship

Halleluja, Halleluja, Halleluja
I was born to worship

So funny how I've heard that song a MILLION times, but the words seemed to be so much more loud and clear to me today. Man, it is so often easy to forget that I was born to make my life a living sacrifice and to live my life for Him ALONE! I love these little reminders He gives me. They're coming like a flood lately. :) I know I will be rewarded someday if I live my life for Him alone and make my life a living sacrifice...and this life may be hard the entire time I am on this earth, but knowing that I will have everlasting life in heaven is more of a reward than I could ever dream of.

So despite the germs and sickness in our house today, I am feeling overwhelmingly calm and taken care of and BLESSED! I say it all the time, I know...I am blessed, in the hard times and the good times.

At Christmas this year, my family did something for Jesus. Each family member wrote down on a peice of paper a "gift" we were going to give Jesus this year. Afterall, Christmas IS His birthday! We didn't share our gifts with each other, rather, we sealed them in a container to be looked at next year and see if we followed through with our gifts. I wrote down a couple of things I was going to do for Jesus this year. One of my gifts to Him was to remember to praise Him and thank Him even in the difficult or bad moments in my life. To thank Him when all I want to do is be angry or beg Him to make things better. Last night was a hard night, today is going to be difficult with 2 tired kiddos who don't feel great. However, all I can think of is how thankful I am that God gave us these 2 kids to raise and love and care for forever. So yes, even today and last night...we are SO BLESSED! I thought in these moments, I would have to remind myself to thank God and praise Him. Honestly though, it's like I put that "gift" to him in my heart and it's just come naturally. I didn't have to remind myself today that He is the reason these boys are in my life, that He has given me the incredible joy of raising them, that He is the reason for everything good and wonderful in my life. I know this. I am so thankful to him...especially today!
Happy Sunday!


Sonia said...

I was wondering where the lyrics for this song can be found? Who wrote the song? Where do you know it from? I've been trying to find it online for a while, but I've only found it on your blog. I originally heard it on a DVD entitled "Praise Baby Collection: Born to Worship"

Jennie Peakin said...

You know, the only place I have heard it is on the Praise Baby CD and DVD's as well. I wish I could help you, but I am not sure who originally wrote it or where else it can be found! It's such a great song though!

Dharak Wudhichut said...

You have a lovely family.I somehow reach your blog as I search for the lyric of this song while listening to it the living room. Thanks to you that you post it. And, you've inspired some doomed mom like me, too.