Friday, January 06, 2012

Neglect and an update...

I know, this blog is getting neglected. So many of the exciting things in our life right now, I just can't share. :( Boo for confidentiality. Ha.

Tate is struggling a bit with some of our family changes as well as his return to preschool. Could you pray for him?

Sean is having hernia surgery on January 18th and his body is wishing it were sooner. He'll be off for 2 weeks after his surgery. Should be interesting and different having him home with us all the time. I'll enjoy it. :)

We're getting whole house DVR...totally excited about this. :) It's the little things, people.

My house is a disaster...I have a feeling this won't be changing anytime soon as I still have much to get the hang of due to our family changes that have occurred. I'll figure it out...hopefully sometime in 2012 I'll figure it out.

I honestly don't know how I'm going to be able to do my photography stuff anymore. Not sure how I'll manage to find editing time. This makes me a little sad and concerned. We'll see if Jennie Peakin Photography is still up and running later this spring. I am praying I'll be able to figure something out to make it work, but in this moment, I am concerned it might be too much right now. :(

Tate got an iPod for Christmas and he is ADDICTED! He has his headphones on constantly and dances all over the house. He's so cute...he loves to dance almost more than anything else.

It feels like spring here. For reals...I wore a 3/4 length sleeved shirt yesterday with no coat and was comfortable. I would be fine with no snow this year...totally fine.

My showers are becoming shorter and fewer. I like long showers. :(

We have the best family and friends ever. Period.

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