Thursday, November 03, 2011


I have taken after my mother in many ways. Not sure why this came to my head, but thought I would write it down for no other reason than the fact that I haven't really written out much of a blog post lately. So here goes...

I am addicted to dishes, and serving peices and napkin rings and tablecloths. I guess, mostly entertaining items. I believe I own 5 FULL sets of dishes. It's a problem. I really go crazy at TJ Maxx, they have so many fun things. I love fun bowls and platters and aprons and dish towels too. Fun coffee mugs?! Yup, love those. Funny thing about that is that I only drink my coffee out of my Tervis Tumbler, so there's really no use for me to have more than a couple of coffee mugs to have for guests.

Also, I am addicted to accessories. Scarves, bracelets, earings, necklaces, necklaces, necklaces, shoes, more shoes, socks, hats, gloves. Love it all. The thing is, I LOVE bold, bright accessories and the problem with that is that they stand out. So if I wear the same bright, bold peice of jewelry or scarf too often, people might think, "geesh, she wears that all the time!" So that's why I need LOTS of those peices. :) Oh it's just so much fun to accessorize! I was going through my socks the other day and found 6 pairs of Halloween socks, 3 pairs of Valentine's socks, 6 pairs of Christmas socks and a million other "just for fun" socks. I mean, that is a bit out of control. In my defense (umm, sort of), I am a bit of a hoarder many of these socks are about 10 years old. Ha.

Even when I wasn't feeling so great about myself, weighed more than I ever thought I would, had no energy, just felt yuck, I still think I wore some loud accessories. Guess that's just always been my style. However, as of late, I have probably amped it up a bit. I am finally starting to feel a little better about myself since some weight has come off, I think my energy inside myself is reflecting what I wear on the outside. I have been having so much fun with my new wardrobe that I've had to purchase as none of my old clothing fits anymore. A new wardrobe requires new accessories sometimes, right?! :) I am one to be thrilled with a great bargain too...don't get me wrong. I am not out there breaking the bank in order to accessorize. I wish I could though! Ha. :)

I guess the short of it is that I like to accessorize my life. I like to accessorize my tables, my home, my body, my clothing, etc.. Accessories are fun!

Back when I was 19 or 20, I got a tattoo on my foot. I won't go into detail the meaning of it (there WAS meaning to it at the time), but the meaning has faded. I hate the tattoo. Despise it. It's a yellow rose...gross. For 10 years I have said on a regular basis, "I need to do something to this tattoo to change it. I wish it wasn't there, but if I'm going to have something there, I want to love it." My incredibly talented friend from way back in highschool is a tattoo artist here in the Quad Cities. He is super talented and I know I can be a baby (I mean, a tattoo on your foot hurts!) around him and not feel embarrassed. I've known for years that he tattoos and knew I wouldn't want anyone else to redo my tattoo except him. We hadn't spoken in almost 10 years and I was thrilled to reconnect with him via Facebook a couple of weeks ago. So tomorrow is the day. I will finally be getting my tattoo on my foot fixed/added to so that I don't cringe every time I look down at it. :) I am soooo excited! I met with him last week and showed him my "inspiration" of what I am kind of wanting, but trust him to draw his interperatation of it. It will be colorful (shocker right?!) and I can't wait to have this "permanent accessory".

See? I love to accessorize! Oh, and the wanting a colorful tattoo thing...that's one thing that ISN'T something I take after my mom! :)


KP said...

Project Accessory on Lifetime... a show that you might like!

Anonymous said...

Does Sara ever tell you that you are just like her friend Gretchen. I hear all the time "you are just like my friend Jennie". Well after this post I do believe we are alike. :)
Can't wait to see the tattoo.